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Frazier-Simplex, Inc. was founded in 1918 in Washington, PA and has remained under Frazier family ownership for three generations. For over 90 years, Frazier-Simplex, Inc. has had continuous service to the glass industry in equipment and designs from raw materials through glass conditioning.

Innovative furnace designs and equipment are just examples of why Frazier-Simplex, Inc. has been a respected member of the world-wide glass community for many years. We are experienced in all types of glass and glass production, from soda lime to borosilicate pharmaceutical glass.

Frazier-Simplex, Inc. has in-house expertise in both design and manufacturing of borosilicate glass. We have worked on various aspects of every borosilicate furnace in the United States. Frazier-Simplex, Inc. designs and manufactures several innovative pieces of equipment that are in widespread use, including screw batch and blanket chargers for introducing raw materials into glass melting furnaces, and suspended refractory systems. Most equipment is manufactured in-house at the Frazier-Simplex Machine Co.

Services available include, but are not limited to:

Today Frazier-Simplex, Inc. continues to extend their activities by completing numerous domestic and international installations and developing many specialized products for the glass industry throughout the world.