Hot Work Repair


Frazier-Simplex, Inc. can perform "Hot Work" Repairs to your furnace and/or forehearths without a total furnace shutdown.

Our range of hot repair fieldwork includes:

  • Complete replacement of furnace doghouse sidewall blocks
  • Overcoating of furnace sidewall blocks
  • Overcoating throat areas
  • Advancing and replacement of
    electrodes in the bottom and sidewalls
    of furnace
  • Freezing of forehearths to accommodate mid-campaign repairs
  • Repair of refractory sub and/or superstructure
  • Hot drilling for electrodes, bubblers, and thermocouples
  • Furnace audits - visual and thermographic inspections

Our personnel have the expertise and experience to handle any job from mantle block replacement to throat repairs.

Frazier-Simplex has the engineering expertise to design any steel and refractory modifications necessary to facilitate repairs, and our machine shop gives us the capability to expedite any steel components.

We work with recognized suppliers to provide the proper material for each application.

Let us assist you on your next hot repair.

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