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Frazier-Simplex Machine Company is a 32,000 square foot facility located in Washington, PA, about 35 miles southwest of Pittsburgh, consisting of a fabrication department and a comprehensive machine shop.

Our establishment is closely affiliated with the Frazier-Simplex Engineering firm also located in Washington.

Our facility produces the majority of the equipment that is designed by Frazier-Simplex, Inc. in reference to all batch chargers, furnace steel, spare parts and replacement parts.

In addition to the manufacturing division, Frazier-Simplex Machine Company works closely on producing components for the Glass, Steel, Grain, Coal and many other related industries.

Utilizing a large range of manual N.C. & C.N.C. Machining and fabrication equipment allows us to accommodate most any need you would have.

The wide range of possibilities allows us to work from customer drawings or to design, machine, and fabricate complete pieces of equipment in-house.



name / dia. over ways / dia over cross side / between centers

C.N.C Machines

Pratt & Whitney Chucker46.5"28.75"0"

Pratt & Whitney 1800 Lathe26"20.5"60"


N.C. Machines

Warner & Swasey Chucker28"28"0"


Manual Lathes

Harrison M50021"14.5"80"

O Kuma - Type LS21"13.75"60"

Sigma - SSS 63-8033"20.5"120"

Gurutzpe Super-A50"38"240"

Leblond - 19E719.25"12.25"174"


Other Shop Equipment

  • Asquith Radial Drill - 5'-0"
  • Vertical Band Saw - 20"
  • Botwinik Keyseater
  • Overhead Crane - 10 Ton
  • Overhead Cranes - 3 Ton
  • Overhead Cranes - 1 Ton
  • Jib Cranes - 1/2 Ton
  • Electro Arc Metal Disintegrator
  • K.R. Wilson 7 Ton Hydraulic Press
  • 6,000 sq. ft. Assembling Area - Under Roof
  • 2 Ton and 8 Ton Trucks for Pick-up & Delivery
  • DoAll Horizontal Band Saws with Automatic
    Bar Feed to 16"


C.N.C. Milling Machines

Pratt & Whitney Viking96"60"26"

Pratt & Whitney Tri-Mac52"26"18"


N.C. Milling Machines

Burgmaster Model 11-30160"40"0"


Manual Milling Machines

Union - Horizontal Mill111"98"42"

DeVlieg - Horizontal Mill48"16"16"

Bridgeport's 36" 12" 16"




Fabricating Equipment

  • Miller Mig Welders - 250 to 500 Amps
  • Miller Tig Welder - 250 Amps.
  • Lincoln Stick Welders
  • Hypertherm Air Plasma Cutter
  • Linde 4-Head Oxyfuel Burning Machine
  • Cincinnati - 450 Ton Plate Shear
  • Piranha - 90 Ton Iron Worker
  • Portable 40 Ton Punches
  • Sand Blasting / Glass Bead Equipment
  • Hydrostatic Testing Equipment
  • Static Balancing Capabilities
  • Spray Painting

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